Sector Focus

We focus exclusively on the technology sector. 

This dedicated focus enables us to understand how the technology sector and digital transformation has shaped the opportunities and challenges facing companies today.

The business landscape is changing at an unprecedented pace. In recent years, we have seen the proliferation of ‘unicorns’, VC-backed start-ups with valuations of $1 billion or more. During the same period, we have witnessed long-established, multinational corporations struggle to keep up with rapidly shifting market conditions.

To succeed in these exciting, but often challenging times, companies rely more heavily than ever upon their ability to attract, retain and motivate the right executive talent.

    Our expertise includes: 

    • Software / SaaS
    • Cloud Computing
    • eCommerce
    • IT Services
    • Broadcast Media
    • Digital Media
    • Digital Marketing
    • Ad Tech / MarTech
    • Fintech
    • Mobile Applications
    • Wireless Solutions
    I have known Dominic Olszowski now for several years for both job searching and people hunting. He has proven himself professional, capable and thoroughly likeable in both capacities. I would recommend Dominic and EMG to anybody looking or searching without hesitation.
    — EVP, Technology Solutions Vendor